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Conflict resolution training and strategies help to keep your customers happy.

Our customers are one of our most important assets. Unfortunately, in business there are times when not all our customers are happy or satisfied.

Some companies who are exceptional at delivering good customer service, don’t always handle difficult customers well, especially when the customer is very irate or when the complaint is complicated and difficult to resolve.

Customers leave you because they believe they were not treated properly. And mostly, customers do not tell you they are unhappy. A high proportion of customers who believe they were unfairly treated, never complain directly to the company. They simply take their business somewhere else.

Those customers who are angry and upset and who communicate this to you directly have not yet decided to take their business to your competitors. These are customers who you can save and are worth saving with good conflict resolution training.

At BlueFox we have the expertise to help you handle customers who are upset, confused or disgruntled. Our focus is on achieving a “win-win.”

Our program caters to all Agents and Supervisors within the call centre environment.

The Conflict Resolution Training  program includes:

  • Remaining positive and calm when confronted with a difficult customer
  • Understanding what makes customers upset and seeing the problem from their perspective
  • Not taking it personally
  • Managing the situation using our 7 Step process, including words and phrases
  • Achieving an outcome which makes the customer happy and is within the company’s capability

Our programs are Tactical, Practical and Applicable.

What are some of the consequences of not handling customer dissatisfaction appropriately?

  • Potentially losing thousands of dollars from that one dissatisfied customer
  • And maybe losing many future customers due to word of mouth

People talk about their experiences not only face to face, but through social networking. In a matter of seconds, an unhappy customer
can relay their experience to their immediate circle of family and friends and also to a much larger social web. How much money could your business be making if the news that spreads was not only positive and complimentary of your service but encourages others to do business with you?

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