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Customer retention training will retain profitable customers.

Successful customer retention starts with the initial contact you have with your customer and continues throughout the lifetime of your business relationship. A company’s ability to attract and retain new customers is not only related to the quality of your product or services, but also to the way you service the customers that buy from you and the reputation you create within the marketplace.

Your ability to retain customers has a direct impact on your company’s profitability. Research indicates that customers who connect strongly with your organisation have a higher revenue return than those who don’t.  When both your employees and your customers connect with your organisation, the result can be even more financially rewarding.

We have the expertise to help you create improved customer loyalty, greater sales and revenue return, and achieve higher profit margins.

Our customer retention training program caters to Retention Officers, Relationship Managers, Account Managers, Escalation Officers and agents who are charged with resolving complex customer problems.

The Customer Retention Training program includes:

  • Relationship management
  • Problem-solving
  • Needs based selling
  • Presenting complex solutions
  • Up-selling techniques
  • Reselling benefits

Our programs are Tactical, Practical and Applicable

A Recent “Success” Story:

Project:  Customer Retention, Philippines

Project Goals:  To increase the retention rates of customers through
more effective relationship building and product offer presentation, and
to develop skills to encourage the retained customer to spend more on
their account


  • Conversion rates increased from 39% to 58% within six months
  • Retention rates currently running at 70%
  • Customer spend increased by 30%
  • Team achieved highest accolade for global retention success for two consecutive years
  • Team used as model for other sales teams

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