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Training in the call centre environment is the first phase of developing the skills and competencies of agents so that they can successfully perform their roles and responsibilities. Skills coaching in the call centre  is the second phase of the agent’s development. It ensures that the skills learned are reinforced and enhanced. Skills coaching helps enable agents to use the skills to the best of their ability.

While training programs are mostly classroom based, skills coaching sessions can be conducted one-on-one in ‘live’ environments that avoid taking people away from the job. Other types of sessions are conducted in structured, small groups which are focused on achieving short term specific goals with measurable learning and performance outcomes.

We have the expertise to help you develop the coaching skills of those responsible for keeping skills well-honed, current and appropriate to service the customer.

Our Skills  coaching programs cater to Managers, Team Leaders, Coaches and Trainers

Our Call Centre Skills Coaching programs include:

  • Coaching styles
  • Choosing the correct type of intervention
  • Coaching for Success
  • Coaching for Improvement

Our programs are Tactical, Practical and Applicable

A Recent “Success” Story:

Project:  Sales Coaches, Financial Services, Australia and the Philippines

Project Goal:  A coaching program that provides Sales Coaches with the
tools and techniques to improve their effectiveness in coaching the
selling skills of the sales & service team


  • A toolkit of techniques to employ when coaching Agents to increase sales results
  • An agreed set of sales behaviours that form the basis of their sales coaching platform
  • The ability to identify the sales inefficiencies of Agents quickly and immediately provide the correct type of coaching
  • A coaching approach that is uniform and consistent  across the team

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