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Call Centre Telephone Etiquette Training for BeginnersWhen you enter a call centre for the first time, the telephone can be a scary tool. If you have come from a customer service role where you are used to dealing with customers face to face, the telephone may seem like a poor substitute. We have the expertise to help you overcome any reservations you may have about the telephone as an effective communication tool. We reveal its true power and show you how to maximise its potential.

Our Essential Telephone Skills training program caters to newly appointed Telephone Agents.

The Call Centre telephone etiquette training program includes:

  • How to impress the caller from the onset of the call
  • How to maintain professionalism throughout the call
  • How to assess and respond to needs efficiently
  • How to solve problems to a satisfactory outcome for the customer and the organisation
  • Effective communication skills

A Recent “Success” Story:

Project:  Induction Program for inexperienced Agents, Professional Services, Australia

Project Goal:  To develop the telephone skills of a newly recruited,
inexperienced team of agents so that they handle queries and problems
from existing customers


  • Seamless transition from induction onto the phones
  • Team had limited need of basic coaching support in the first six weeks
  • Call escalations less than anticipated – first call resolution at 80%
  • Minimal customer complaints
  • Agent turnover reduced by 50% on previous intake

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