call centre training

Our Train the Trainer programs include basic, advanced and accreditation packages in:

  • Instructional Design
  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Assessment & Evaluation

Our programs are Tactical, Practical and Applicable.


A Train the Trainer program is crucial to the development of your call centre strategy.

The development and management of your internal training team is essential if the skills and competency needs of your organisation are to be met. Having an internal training resource that is up to date and skilled in current training and coaching practices will not only contribute positively to your continuous learning goals, but also to your relevance as an organisation that provides skills improvement, as needed and without delay.

Call centres are ever changing and demanding. Agents are often required to respond to product updates and skills enhancements with immediacy. Having a team of training specialists  “on tap” to respond to the training needs can be more cost effective and efficient than always having to  utilise an external resource.  It is also a way of maintaining professionalism in delivering customer solutions.

You may be looking to:

  • Introduce newly appointed trainers to the basics of training design and delivery
  • Up-skill existing trainers in presentation and facilitation
  • Provide managers and supervisors with essential training and development techniques
  • Assist Product Trainers in transitioning to soft skills training and coaching

We have the expertise to help you develop the training expertise of your internal training resources.

Our Train the Trainer programs cater to existing Trainers, new Trainers, Managers, Team Leaders and Coaches.
A Recent “Success” Story:

Project:  Learning & Development Team, Telecommunications, Australia

Project Goal:  To develop the training and coaching skills of Product
Trainers who were transitioning to the role of Soft Skills Trainers


  • Eight out of ten participants received certification as Soft Skills
    Trainers upon completion of the T3 Licensed Accreditation Program
  • The remaining participants were accredited after further observation and supervision
  • Induction programs for new agents now align product and soft skills training more seamlessly
  • Post induction soft skills coaching and up-skilling is now jointly
    conducted by the learning & development team and Team Leaders

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