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Research in Web Chat Training

Recent research has indicated:

  • Consumers are demanding more real-time channels such as live chat as they want their query resolved quickly and within a single interaction
  • Online consumers see real-time help as useful when shopping online, and a high percentage would like to have live chat made available
  • The top reasons for Customers abandoning a website are lack of information about the product or service, navigation challenges, and wanting to ask questions but unable to find the answer
  • Consumers are demanding a much higher level of engagement throughout their online buying journey

Let us help:

  • Establish policy guidelines and procedures for your web chat environment
  • Determine the rules of engagement for your team when interacting with customers on web chat
  • Gain trust and confidence with customers by gaining understanding of their request through clear and accurate written communication
  • Your operators express themselves unambiguously in all live chat interactions so that confusion or misinterpretation by the receiver is minimised
  • Your operators write with grammatical and spelling correctness and with English fluency
  • Your operators outline solutions or expectations to customers in a logical, ordered way so that the customer can follow with ease and minimal effort

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