call centre training

Tailored call centre training programs for inbound and outbound Call Centres.

We provide call centre training programs that will develop more efficient call centre and customer service teams with practical skills training to improve your agent’s ability to handle your clients better on the phone and in the web chat environment.

We deal with businesses who value their customers to provide guidance and direction in the development of your customer service and sales strategy. We also develop and deliver tailored programs that support the delivery of your strategy. Call centre training solutions

Improving Customer Satisfaction, Call Handling time, and Revenue Results are our clients’ number one priority.

Our approach allows your phone based agents to create a customer experience that makes the customer feel like they’re getting a face-to-face service. We tailor our learning to suit your business and to help you develop a strong identity with your clients. Over the years our consultants have helped many clients achieve their goals of more efficient call centres and to provide better customer service to their clients by creating bespoke, tailored training programs for their business. Above all, we help you maximise the income potential of your call centre.

Our programs cater to Customer Service Operators, Telesales Professionals, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Operations Managers.

The development and management of your  team is extremely important if the skills and competency needs of your organisation are to be met. Call centres are ever changing and demanding. Agents are often required to respond to product updates and skills enhancements with immediacy. Having the correct “tools” with proper training and coaching will help them to adapt to an ever changing enviroment.

Our programs include:

  • Tailored, in-house training for customer service and telesales professionals
  • Skills Coaching for Call Centre Supervisors
  • Train the Trainer

Call Centre Training Services offered by are but not limited to:

Our training and coaching material is Tactical, Practical, and Immediately Applicable
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